Autoflowering vs. Feminized Seeds: The Ultimate Guide To Become A Cannabis Grower




You have delved into the cannabis world and are still learning new terminologies in the field. In particular, if you are planning to grow cannabis seeds you might be wondering which type of seeds you should opt for. Worry not, we have come to your rescue yet again with a detailed guide on two particular seeds-autoflower and feminized seeds. This article will focus on the much-needed autoflowering vs. feminized seeds debate and will help you understand which one you should opt for.

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The name of these seeds is suggestive in itself. They are seeds that bloom automatically. Autoflowering seeds are also known as day-neutral cannabis. Autoflowering cannabis is not dependent on light and dark hours for flowering. As to how this type of cannabis came into existence, there is still no clear data about it.

There is one theory that suggests that these seeds were created by cross-breeding a Mexican Sativa and a Russian Cannabis Rudrealis. The first autoflower strain was Lowryder. Earlier due to breeding reasons, the THC count was low in autoflowering cannabis. Hence, they were not very popular among the cannabis breeders.

After some experimentation, breeders were able to develop Rudrealis hybrids that contained a higher level of THC or CBD. Their maturity time was also reduced to just 9 weeks. These newly developed hybrids are widely known as autoflowering cannabis.

The background of these seeds is also quite easy to understand owing to their name. These seeds contain only female genes (XX). Hence, there is zero chance of you growing a male plant if you opt for feminized seeds. The reason these seeds are popular is because they automatically negate the chance of growing a male plant and the female plants have seedless buds.

Male plants are frowned upon by growers as they do not grow flowers. They are also responsible for pollinating the female plants nearby causing smaller buds and that too in very small numbers. These buds contain more seeds. Also, male flowers hinder the growth of female flowers. Hence, a single male plant can ruin a large crop of female plants. Hence, there has been an increase in demand for feminized seeds.

Regular seeds are those seeds that have not undergone any genetic modification or breeding and are totally natural. They yield both male and female plants, have no chemicals, and are best for pollination. They also have a medium yield.

Now, that we are aware of the basics of autoflowering, feminized and regular seeds, let us move to the topic of this article i.e., autoflowering vs. feminized seeds.

Autoflowering vs. Feminized Seeds
S.No.Autoflowering SeedsFeminized Seeds
1.Both male and female plantsOnly female plants
2.Short in statureMedium to big size plants
3.Can be grown indoorsMore suited for outdoor growing
4.Start flowering 2-4 weeks after planting automaticallyStart flowering when lighting conditions are met
5.The maturity time is 75 daysThe maturity time is between 120 to 240 days
6.A lot of breeds are less potentMore THC, CBD, and flavonoids (more potent)
7.Higher resistance levelNeed special care
8.Low to medium yieldHigh yield

Let us now discuss these differences in detail:

Autoflowering seeds contain both male and female plants whereas feminized seeds have a 99.9% chance of developing into a female plant. Hence, growers need to pluck all male plants before they start growing in case of autoflowering seeds.

The plants that grow from autoflowering seeds are short in stature. On the other hand, feminized seeds grow into plants of medium to big size. Autoflowering plants are also dense and look like bushes. Feminized plants have fewer leaves.

Autoflowering seeds are easy to grow as they can be grown indoors as well owing to their short stature. Due to big size of feminized plants, they can only be grown outdoors.

Autoflowering seeds flower automatically whereas feminized seeds need proper lighting conditions for growing. Feminized seeds need manual adjustments of light. They may need 18 hours of light at the beginning and when they reach their flowering period, they will need 12 hours of lighting.

Autoflowering plants can be harvested after 10-16 weeks whereas feminized ones need 12-24 weeks to mature.

Potency was a major concern in autoflowering plants due to breeding from the Ruderalis plant but the issue has been more or less resolved in modern breeds. Feminized plants on the other hand have a high level of THC, CBD, and flavonoids making them more potent in comparison.

Since autoflowering plants grow automatically, they need not much special care as compared to feminized ones. Autoflowering plants have a higher resistance to pests, fungi, and too much fertilization. Feminized seeds need special care.

Autoflowering plants yield low produce owing to the small and bushy nature of their plants. They have a smaller number of buds. The feminized ones have fewer leaves on them and hence can grow more buds.

So, this was a detailed guide on the differences between autoflowering and feminized seeds. When it comes to choosing which seed to opt for, you need to focus on your preferences. Go for autoflowering ones if you have only indoor space and do not have much time for caring for the plants.

These are good options for beginners. They need less patience as they take less time to grow. Whereas, feminized seeds are for those who are looking for high crop yield. They are suitable for growers. Also, these are suitable for those who are looking for higher potency in their produce.

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All in all, it all depends on your personal preferences, experience, and the resources that are available at your end. We hope that whatever you choose this article will be your guide whenever you ponder between auto-flowering vs. feminized seeds, and assist you in the long run.

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