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Welcome to Satisfied CBD. We are one of the reliable and trustworthy sources for delivering satisfactory services of Cannabidiol. This platform is dedicated to all the users who are willing to provide relevant and appropriate information about amazing plants for our readers. It recommends acquiring the latest information, proper research, CBD knowledge, marijuana, hemp, non-hemp, and more so as to proceed with sharing the posts.

How Satisfied CBD Write for Us is Beneficial for the Writers?

Contribution of knowledge

With the help of such platforms, it becomes an easy task to contribute hard-earned skills with the readers in small duration. It is considered to be a great tool to explore things worldwide and feasible to communicate with a larger number of audiences via online mediums.

Great platform to share experience

Online is a great tool where individuals can share their skills and expertise free of cost. Audiences who are eager to share knowledge about Cannabidiol, hemp, non-hemp, and marijuana plants can avail the opportunity to write for us and grab various advantages.

Feasible flexibility to promote products and services

Businesses who are willing to start the partnership program with our company can proceed with promoting their brand, products, and services with a beautiful audience. Our company consists of fruitful viewers who have a passion to read and grab knowledge about fitness and CBD.

Join hands with our growing community

Our team has tried to bring an extraordinary resource platform of “Write for Us.” Such initiatives help writers who have a passion to provide CBD information across the globe. It is a vast stage to show writing skills and share relevant experience and views with Satisfied CBD’s online growing community.

Let us join hands together and help the readers to understand more about CBD, taking appropriate decisions related to their health and well-being.

Ready to contribute – Follow the below submission requirements

The writers who are willing to take the initiative to write for us and proceed to submit their CBD blog should go through the below requirements. Try to fulfill the below guidelines before submitting the document at Satisfied CBD staging.

Write for Us – Submission Guidelines

  • We finalize the content which is readable, appealing, and original.
  • We aim to provide content that is profitable for humans. So, try to keep this point in your mind rather than writing the blog for the sake of a search engine or Do-follow link. Our team strictly prohibits such sort of work.
  • The minimal content write-up requirement is 1200 words.
  • Maximal 2 links are allowed to add.
  • Use original, authentic, licensed images in the content.
  • Utilize easy language which should be feasibly readable by the users. Use headings, subheadings, and appropriate sections to make it more attractive.
  • In the content, a maximum of 2-3 links are allowed to add. After 300 words, one link is permitted including the author link.
  • Author Bio creation is permitted after the successful posting of 10 articles.

Process of Submitting CBD Guest Post

Are you ready to join hands with our community? If yes, then follow the below-mentioned steps for submitting the article.

1. Kindly write us at satisfiedcbd@gmail.com to submit the article. Kindly indicate “Article Submission: [Article Title]” in the email subject line.

2. After the email subject headline, it is time to add a brief introduction about yourself and the respective article in the body of the email. Also, give satisfactory points and reasons why we should add your guest post to our application.

3. After completion of the above steps, please have patience and wait for a while. Our team will go through the guest post article and let you know as soon as possible approximately within 2 days. In case, your article is accepted at our end, we will reply with further processes and instructions like publishing date, etc.

4. We have the complete rights to edit the written article related to grammar, readability, punctuation, and accuracy.

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We are looking forward to accepting the guest posts and are happy to share your skills, and knowledge with our loving community of Satisfied CBD. Our team is thankful to all the proficient people who are ready to join hands with our community and are interested in writing for us.

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