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Are you looking forward to understanding the different cultivation techniques to get long-running cannabis colas in your garden? Here, in this article, we are going to make you understand the different techniques that are tested and examined to acquire great results. Namely, the two proven effective techniques are Topping and Fimming. Go through the below discussion and understand the difference between Topping vs. Fimming. After complete understanding, choose the best method at your own convenience.

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Why it is necessary to top cannabis plants?

We have researched a lot and tried to understand why it is necessary to top cannabis plants. Generally, you must have seen the cultivators try such techniques for enhancing light penetration. Apart from this, they work on controlling the plant height so as to get a good final yield product. These methods are easy and stress-free training techniques. The cultivators can easily watch the growth of their plants in the respective ground space.

When To Schedule To Top Cannabis?

Before proceeding to work with the different techniques, it is important to understand the timing. When the topping is concerned, you must work consistently as well as manage your time. The cultivators should have some patience and wait for the complete plant development with a minimum of 3-5 nodes.

The complete development process normally takes 30 days to that of post-germination. In case, you are not in a condition to wait for such a long time then try to take a look at young plants. Spare some time in examining whether such plants are healthy. This is mandatory to check whether the plant is strong or not before you proceed to cut its main growing tip.

It also recommends, not to top in an early stage because it can lead to various major problems. Sometimes, it is also observed that such behavior can kill your plant.

  • Scheduling topping is a prominent concern and it is good to work during the vegetative stage. Such staging actually consists of lots of stress because of which the plants require lots of time and effort to recover from such a critical stage.
  • The cultivators are aware of all such techniques and understand how they can proceed with proper time so that the plants can easily regain from their bad phase and enter into the flowering panel.
  • If in case you are trying to top the plants at the time of flowering then it will lead to minimizing the bud development process. Therefore, these are the important points that the cultivators should keep in their mind.

Method to Top Cannabis

  • The topping technique is not difficult and can be done with an easy process. All you need to do is wait for an appropriate moment and after this stage follow the cutting process.
  • The mentioned process can be achieved in simple steps, at first you are asked to get a pair of sterilized scissors. Now, you need to check and find the top growth of the stem which is generally found above the node. The distance is very small, let us say it is approximately 5 mm. At this point, the plant is ready to make two branches.
  • Try to proceed with a similar process, you will be getting two new branches and if you cut the top two noted again then it will result in four main branches. So, it is completely your choice like how many branches you actually require from the plant.
  • Do not cut the nodes immediately; rather wait for one week so that the plant gets recovered before cutting another node.

Have a look at the different advantages and disadvantages of Topping Cannabis

Now, we will look at various pros and cons of topping weed plants.


  • The process helps to enhance the light penetration at bud sites.
  • The topping cannabis is helpful in controlling the growth and expansion of plants.
  • The technique assists to optimize and boost the growing space.
  • There is no third-party tool requirement for further process.
  • A good source to boost the yield potential.
  • The complete process is easy to work and perform.


  • The process is a little bit time-consuming as plants need lots of time to recover.
  • Because of non-sterile circumstances, there are chances that it can result in critical issues.
  • All plants have different natures and respond accordingly.
  • Bad timing can result in destructive output.

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Move towards Fimming Cannabis – What does it mean?

Fimming cannabis process is somehow different which includes the removal of some parts from the main stem. In this technique, there is a difference as compared to the top that will be helpful in forming four new growing tips. In the topping method, we have seen two new growing tips formed. The complete process of fimming is simple and straight. The fimming process is a little bit different in giving results; you can avail the best way to promote larger yields.

Why it is necessary to FIM cannabis?

One of the common disadvantages observed in the process of fimming is that the plants should be exposed to maximum performance and yield. Fimming process is a little bit different from topping as here it is necessary to push harder to reach the production level. This technique will not affect the plant height.

When to schedule to Fim cannabis?

Similar to Topping, the fim technique is also processed at the time of vegetative staging. Fimming technology is best for creating four new growing tips.

Method to Fim Cannabis

The methods of topping vs. fimming are distinctive in nature. Here, also proceed with removing the ¾ part of the top node growing part. The technique can be easily achieved by having the plant tip in your own hand. Follow the process appropriately so that everything will run smoothly to get an effective output.

Have a look at the different advantages and disadvantages of Fimming Cannabis

Now, we will look at various pros and cons of finning cannabis.


  • The fimming process is appropriate to get larger yields than compared to that of topping.
  • The technique assists in enhancing the light penetration directly to bud sites.
  • If you are planning to boost the production of a single plant then fimming is the best option.
  • There is no further requirement for other equipment to process the technique.
  • The technique is easy to understand as well as implement.


  • The process is not utilized for diminishing the plant height.
  • The plant’s growth is a little bit messy.
  • New branches in the plant are not developed appropriately and seem somehow weak.
  • The method is complicated as compared to topping.
Topping vs. fimming

Which Option is best to Choose among Topping vs. fimming

The users who are looking to find out which method is best in between topping vs. fimming must have a clear picture of the state in their mind after going through the above respective discussion. We have already discussed their similarities as well as differences. It completely depends upon your personal preference with which method you feel safe to work. Try to look at your grow space area and cultivar before choosing any of the mentioned methods to avail the best possible results.

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