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Smoking Resin can reach you high and if you have a query in your mind, about how to smoke resin then in this article we are going to brief you about what are resins, why there is a need to smoke resin and different techniques or tactics to smoke resin. Most of the people don’t have a clear understanding of resins when it comes to cannabis. So, first, let us understand what we mean by resin.

Resins look like a dark residue which can be seen in the pipe easily, once the individual has finished his smoking without cleaning. The remaining particles in the glassware are called gunk which actually contains tar, ashes, carbon, cannabinoids, and THC.

Such remaining resins are termed as the pipe or bong resin. Because these resins are the remaining particles, most people get confused meaning it is similar to marijuana. These are the common reasons, why people call both of these materials resin.

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Differentiate between Marijuana and Pipe Resins

There are lots of differences between marijuana and pipe resins. Both particles are known as the concentrates determined from the plant material called “Marijuana.” You can find larger cannabinoids, flavonoids, and terpenes concentrations in such plant materials. These are waxy in nature and go through various extraction methods to deliver the final output called “Resins.”

Some of the popular marijuana resins available in the market are hash, live resin, butane, and rosin. In this article, we are focusing on pipe resins which are actually obtained from the pipes or bongs.

The reason behind smoking the resins

  • The glassware resins consist of very minimal amounts of THC and cannabinoids. In many of the cases, it is observed that people used to smoke resins when fresh buds were not available at their place. It might be possible that there is a lack of buds availability because of which the individuals are switching to smoke resins.
  • Sometimes, the users are only interested in having cannabis and not looking towards experiencing weed. In such scenarios, the users try to smoke the resins.
  • The users who are not in a condition to afford the things have only one option for smoking and it is resins.

Check out the Steps and learn how To smoke Resins

It is important to note that the users who are regularly using cannabis will not be happy with smoke resins. Both products have different flavors and interests. The users will not get the taste of fresh cannabis buds. As we have stated earlier, the resin materials have a minimum number of cannabinoids because of which the users might have the patience to get effective results.

Users who are excited enough to smoke resins can take advantage of the below-mentioned techniques. There are different tactics for smoking resins that we are going to discuss in the following points with brief advantages and disadvantages.

Utilize the Dry Pipe Technique

The users mostly use dry pipes to enjoy smoke resins. It is very commonly seen among smokers who feel good with the sticky gunk available in the resins. The process will be helpful in availing the heat and smoke without any trouble. You need to keep a note that the resins accumulate tightly and are sticky if it is available on the glass surfaces.

The users can initiate the process of smoking once the heat gets vaporized then it is observed that resin gets stuck to the surfaces of the glass. This process will help the users to smoke easily. It is good to grab a good amount of heat in such processes so as to deliver the best results.

At this point of moment, please do take care and ensure to take the precautionary steps like utilizing a potholder or tong because the glass will be very hot. In addition, take care of your mouth and lips because it can also get hurt.

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Utilize the Dab Rig Technique

As stated in the above point for bongs, the same goes for the Dab rig technique. In this technique, the users will initiate to remove the resin directly from the pipe. Once this removal step is done it will be rolled into lumps. Then, proceed with placing it in the dab rig. In case, you are getting the taste of resin then it recommends utilizing a dab rig along with the pure water. This will help to reduce the foulness of the resin taste.

Another technique is Hot Knives

Most of the users are not aware of this technique. In this process, you need to use two knives and heat it up. This process is not as simple to grab because you need to place the resin lumps right between the knives. The resin will get crushed in between the knife blades. This will ultimately form the smoking process and the resin will be inhaled. This technique is not at all advisable for the users as it is a harsh manner to smoke cannabis.

Is there any Harm to Smoke Resin?

Before learning how to smoke resin, it is good to know all the possible risks. Do you know resin components like carbon, ash, and tar which are dangerous for humans? All such components can be harmful and can lead to cause critical health problems in humans. Sometimes, it is possible that the process can hurt the lungs and deliver various complications. Hence, it recommends avoiding smoking resins or else trying to take appropriate precautionary steps.

In conclusion, most of the people are smoking resins under different conditions. While it recommends not to smoke resin. Try to follow some important steps like utilizing the best and best quality buds to avail the best results. If you have premium quality buds then it is for sure that you are going to enjoy cannabinoids at an extreme level.

The methods will provide the desired effects to each and every user who is looking to understand how to smoke resin while on the other hand, you must be aware that it has exposure to dangerous substances which can affect the health too.

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