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Nowadays, people are willing to become a true stoner and search for the best techniques to roll a cross joint by following easy steps. If you are among such readers, then you appeared on an appropriate page. Here, in this article, we will help with 7 easy steps and let you understand “How to Roll a Cross Joint?” effortlessly.

The Fundamentals and Common Guide on Cross Joint

Generally, the cross joint is manufactured with the help of two joints. If we talk about the material list then it consists of weed, screw/sharp, tobacco, roach card, and rolling papers implementation.

The length of the cross joint is seen to be smaller and thin enough than the main joint. So, it can be better if the main joint has some larger space to compensate.

What do you require for the process of rolling a cross joint?

Do have a look at the following materials which are generally required for constructing a perfect cross joint.

  • Before proceeding to the process of rolling a cross joint, we should have our favorite cannabis with us.
  • After this, try to get a grinder.
  • Full-size and small rolling papers are required for the completion of the process.
  • Apart from the above requirements, we will require a pin, needle, scissors, small or sharp objects.
  • If in case, you need some extra help then try to call some of your colleagues or friends to assist in this process.
How To Roll A Cross Joint

How to Roll a Cross Joint – 7 Easy and Effective Steps to Know It Better!!

We hope you are trying to impress your friends by proceeding to learn the different steps and gain knowledge of rolling a cross joint. Let us go through the below points which will surely help us to understand the method of how to rotate a cross joint effectively and easily.

1. Always be ready with the materials

At the moment, you feel to initiate the process of rotating the cross joint. It is good to assemble all the required materials to save time as well as proceed to the next step of the respective procedure. For example, at first, you can try to gather all the material requirements like cannabis, full and small-size rolling papers, scissors, one grinder, and a few sharp objects in small sizes.

2. With the help of Full-size paper, rotate a fat joint

Now, in the next step get ready to rotate a fat joint, this step can be achieved by utilizing a full-size rolling paper. One important tip for making the easiest cross joint is to utilize more cannabis in your respective joint. Once you complete this step, always keep in mind for leaving a small twist at the end while making the joint. This step will help to light the joint feasibly.

3. Rotate a narrow joint

In the next step, follow to rotate a narrow joint so as to work with a cross-section of the cross joint. Do you know the reason why we rotate a narrow joint because such processes help to assemble the same? This method needs lots of practice as it will help to get a perfect output. In the end, proceed by giving a twist at the end of the respective narrow joint.

4. Proceed to push a hole

Now, you have completed the preparation of joints, it’s time to do some modifications. The process can be achieved by poking a hole with the help of a needle. Try to push a hole near about three-quarters above the bottom of the respective fat joint. After this step, try to navigate the needle in all the directions of the joint but keep in mind to work slowly and gently.

5. Look for a narrow joint and make a hole

At this point, the users who are looking to roll a cross joint need to make a hole directly through the middle point. If we compare this hole with the previous one, then it will be smaller in size. This can be clearly understood in a simple way that the size will be twice the diameter of the used needle for making the hole.

The purpose of making this small hole is to permit the smoke from the respective smallest joint and went through the largest joint towards the mouth.

6. Time to Assemble the Joint Here, we will have a discussion on how to accumulate the cross joint.

This step will not be easy, so try to practice to get the finer result. Now, try to insert the thinner joint end through the larger joint’s hole. Now, you need to twist the joint gently, and then poke it through the hole till the time you are not able to see a narrow joint inside the fat joint. The cross joint will burn perfectly when the smallest hole will be nearer to the center of the fat joint. Try to work gently because if you do it fast then it can lead to breakage of either joint.

7. Final result

That’s it with the process of making the rotating cross joint. In the last stage, you need to assemble and strengthen the intersection part. Take scissors, rolling papers, and glue as per your own convenience size, and try to cover around the crux of the respective cross joint. This final stage can help the cross joint to be perfect and completely airtight.

After the above processes, it is time to light up the prepared cross joint. You must be having three ends, so for lighting all these ends it requires 3 persons to light it up. So we advise the users to take help from their friends and take three lighters to light all the available ends simultaneously.

We hope, now you all are aware of the process of “How to roll a cross joint?” To grab an excellent and flawless cross joint, follow the above-mentioned steps which will lead you to understand the complete process of how to rotate and build a perfect cross joint.

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