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The sheer number of choices accessible to somebody new to the universe of spot apparatuses can threaten. It tends to be threatening to find out pretty much every one of the parts that go into making smoking concentrates.

As Mac Miller said, “You got to jump in to swim.” We’ve all been there. Everything comes down to operator preference and personal style; there is no correct answer.

There are five dab rigs for beginners featured in this post, each with a different use case, price, and performance range, so you’re sure to discover the one you need.

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A dab rig is a modified water pipe with a few extra elements attached that operates similarly to a standard water pipe used for flowering, a butane torch, dabber, and nail—which is typically composed of ceramic, titanium, glass, or quartz.

Using a dab rig involves heating the nail with a torch for around 45 seconds and letting it cool for the same length of time. The technician will remove the suitable-sized dab (fewer people are better, till you gain sea legs) from the container and wait for the nail to cool for 45 seconds.

Next, it’s time to start smoking. Place the dab against the hot nail and take a breath. Additionally, by spreading the dab across the nail, the concentration can be heated evenly without burning.

It’s common knowledge that leftover flowers in a bowl don’t have the same flavor as fresh flowers. The same holds for focus.

Dab Rig

For dab rig for beginners, examining a dab rig can be somewhat daunting due to the multitude of components and methods required. Ultimately, though, once you get the hang of it, it’s simple. To ensure your dabbing rig is operating properly, you’ll need:

  • A dab rig
  • Quartz cuff or alternative dab nail
  • Cap for carbohydrates
  • Butane torch
  • concentrates
  • a dab tool (optional) A stopwatch, laser thermometer, or timer
  1. After filling your rig with water, slide your banger inside.
  2. Apply heat to the nail’s surface uniformly with a butane flame until the desired temperature is reached. To utilize the stopwatch approach, heat it until it turns red hot, then let it cool for about 45 to 50 seconds. Before taking a dab, you can also use a thermometer or laser thermometer to determine the ideal temperature.
  3. After determining the ideal dab temperature, quickly cap it with your carb cap after dropping your concentrates into the hot nail using a dab tool.
  4. To guarantee consistent heating, spin the carb cap over the nail to assist spread your concentration equally throughout the nail.
  5. Take a sip through the mouthpiece and inhale the vaporized concentrate until it is completely gone.
  6. To keep the nail clean and prepared for the next dab, allow it to cool down before giving it a quick swipe with a cotton swab and some isopropyl alcohol.

The customary dab rigs for beginners and the electronic dab rig, once in a while referred to as an e-rig, are the two unique kinds of dab rigs that are accessible. The essential differentiation between the two can be seen in the manner the rig functions.

The substance used to make nails can withstand heat. After applying a torch to superheat it, concentrates are placed on it to evaporate.

Electrical power is used to heat the nail. This makes the operation a little safer overall and does away with the need for a torch. Additionally, this sort is less prone to shatter.

As technology advances, the electronic dab rig is becoming more and more common. The first e-rig was patented by us, and many have since copied it.

There have been a ton of new gadgets and inventions on the concentration scene since the first dab rigs were made in 2006 by glass artists Hashmasta Kut (HMK) and JP Toro, the developer of Toro Tubes.

Selecting the ideal dab rigs for beginners can be somewhat intimidating. Option overload paralysis is a real thing; we have all experienced it.

We are here to guide you through the glass manufacturing by holding your hand. “Come with me, and you’ll see a world of pure imagination,” as Gene Wilder once stated.

7.5” Simple Dab Rig by SWRV

The simplicity of this compact yet powerful setup is just what every beginner dabbing wants to hear.

With its 7.5″ height, this rig is compact enough to fit in your pocket while packing just enough power to send you to cloud nine.

Designed with Dab Rigs for beginners to the world of dabbing, the slitted showerhead percolator near the bottom of the piece is easy to clean and does not clog easily.

This rig also comes with a quartz nail or banger, so all you need to start dabbing is a dabber or wand and focus, of course.

Banger Hanger Recycler by Diamond Glass

How lovely! If you’re wondering what a recycler is, it’s a kind of rig that distributes the water throughout the piece with each breath.

Why does this matter? One can inhale for extended periods thanks to the cooler hit that comes from the cooling effects of water and surface area. These kinds of rigs have incredible mechanics.

The water vapor is allowed to go through three chambers before it reaches the user, ensuring that every hit is as smooth as Uncle Rocco’s clean-shaven head on Danksgiving—er, Thanksgiving.

This 5-inch setup is a work of art unto itself.

Mini Banger Hanger by Boss Glass

An additional choice for someone who is just starting in the realm of dabs is a Mini Banger Hanger. This compact and uncomplicated setup is intended for people who want low-maintenance lifestyles.

It is comfortable to not have to worry about the rig toppling over because of its broad foundation. Additionally, 5mm borosilicate glass is used throughout the rig to ensure the piece’s toughness and longevity for users who tend to become active while intoxicated.

With its 5″ height, it fits well in your hand and makes dabbing comfortable for the user. The piece’s straightforward design guarantees minimal upkeep when it comes to water changes and excessive cleaning. Ideal dab rigs for beginners.

Pocket Oil Rig by Glob Squad

Though not a smaller high, are you searching for a smaller rig? There’s nowhere else to look. For those who want a smaller alternative that nevertheless produces smoke of competitive quality,

Glob Squad’s Pocket Oil Rig is a good option.
The rig’s small form makes it suitable for almost any location you choose to store it.

The Pocket Oil Rig welcomes individuals who are just starting dabbing and is a dab rig that is convenient for on-the-go use or small parties. The rig makes cleaning simple and enables splashback-free hard pulls.

With a donut percolator, the smoke’s quality and consistency maintain its position as the best in the competition. The Pocket Oil Rig makes it possible for first-time users to have a comfortable experience.

8” Double Showerhead Oil Rig by Diamond Glass

Are you looking for something more like Rick and Morty? You can now have the Diamond Glass Double Showerhead Oil Rig.

Since the smoke in this rig is diffused twice, as implied by the name, the double showerhead percolator ensures a smooth hit for the operator.

The piece’s angled neck makes it easy to use and permits a comfortable, unhurried smoking session. Easy maintenance and longevity are ensured by the rig’s sophisticated yet simple setup, which was created with the beginner in mind.

Standing at 8″, the Double Showerhead Oil Rig from Diamond Glass will draw attention from spectators while transporting the concentrate directly to your dome.

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When selecting the ideal rig for you, the primary thought that should be going through your mind is, “What am I going to use it for?”

Is it intended for frequent use or occasional imbibing? Will it stay where I set it aside to smoke, or will I be taking it with me?

Do I believe I can handle things carefully, or am I prone to accidents? Operator preference determines the correct solution; there are no bad answers.

You already know what you want, so follow your instincts. 🙂

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